There’s no such thing as a Right-Wing, Radical Feminist

It’s a contradiction in terms, just like “feminine penis.”

Yet our opponents accuse us, a group of gay/lesbian/bisexual progressives, of being “homocons” and “TERFs.”  We can’t be both.

It’s disheartening that progressive media have silenced our legitimate criticism of “transitioning.”   That is why we had no choice but to start a petition: to get our voices heard.  Everyone should have a voice, including gays & lesbians who believe that T ideology is both homophobic & misogynist, as well as unnecessary, expensive, physically  risky and ultimately a failure: it’s impossible to change biological sex.  A man may have cosmetic surgery and artificial hormones to look like a woman, but this does not make him a woman.

There is nothing “radical” about feminist ideals conceived more than 40 years ago and illustrated in the classic children’s book entitled Free to Be You and Me.  Little girls are free to play football, and little boys are free to play princess.   Many of us gays & lesbians were ourselves gender nonconforming as children, and now as adults, are relieved that nobody encouraged us to change our bodies to fit in with society’s restrictive sex roles.

This is why we think T is homophobic: it is encouraging possibly gay children to disrupt their growth and development in order to fit in with heteronormative sex stereotypes.  The long term consequences of delaying puberty are unknown.  The risk isn’t worth it, because there is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian.  Gender nonconforming children do not need to be medicalized and possibly sterilized.  They need to be free to play with whatever toys they like and to dress however they wish, instead of being burdened with gender identity.

Restrooms are segregated by reproductive organs, not by gender identity nor physical appearance.  Biological females require and deserve privacy from biological males.  60% of male-to-female transgenders are “autogynphiles,” which are straight men who get aroused by being perceived as women and occupying women’s private spaces.  North Virginia currently has a man dressed as a woman spying in public restrooms on the loose, and recently Julianna Fialkowski, an M2T being reported as a “woman,” was arrested for child pornography and the rape of a lesbian.  Please search Donna/Doug Perry for information about an M2T who killed two women because he was jealous of their ability to get pregnant.

Personally, I am dismayed that conservative media are reporting on our views but liberal media are censoring them.  In my opinion, T ideology is aligned with 1950s sex roles, and is therefore regressive and not progressive.


One thought on “There’s no such thing as a Right-Wing, Radical Feminist

  1. Douglas / Donna Perry in fact killed three women in the early 1990s : Yolanda Sapp, Nickie Lowe and Kathleen Brisbois. He was not apprehended and convicted until 2012, after he had transitioned.

    Douglas Perry had a string of convictions dating back to the late 1970’s for firearms violations and assaults. In 1988 he was arrested by Federal Government for possession of a pipe bomb. The ATF seized 49 firearms from his property.

    Perry was in prison in Oregon from 1995 to 1997 and his cell mates reported to police that he had told them he used to take sex workers home to ”feed them”. His cell mates believed he had in fact killed the sex workers he spoke of.

    In 1998 Perry picked up a sex worker who reported him to the police due to the amount of weapons in his home. When apprehended, officers found he had two knives an a stun gun on him. His vehicle contained legal documents in which his own lawyer said he had ” a gender psychosis disorder which meant he did not like females”. There were also papers showing he planned on getting a sex change. He told officers he wanted to try and persuade sex workers to get off the street.

    In 2000 he travelled to Thailand and ”became” Donna Perry.

    In 2013, while in a female jail after being convicted of the murders of Sapp, Brisbois and Lowe, Perry told her cell mate she / Doug had killed nine sex workers, and that she was a sociopath.

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